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October 17, 2022

Godley ISD is proud to announce the kick-off of its We Believe Godley ISD! Campaign - a celebration of the successes of our students and an opportunity to engage, educate, and excite the entire Godley community.

We believe Godley ISD is at its best when we are united. By engaging not just our students, parents and teachers but members of our entire community, we can continue Godley ISD’s history of academic, athletic, career and technical education, FFA, and fine arts success.

“At Godley ISD, we believe that a quality education and diverse range of extracurricular activities gives our students and community a solid foundation for a prosperous future,” said Superintendent Dr. Rich Dear. “That is why every one of our teachers, coaches, and administrators work so hard to inspire, empower, and challenge all learners so they achieve success inside and outside the classroom.

Godley ISD does not just believe in doing right by its students but also by the taxpayers it serves. With wise and transparent management of district spending, the property tax rate is 6.5 cents lower than in 2018 and the lowest it has been in six years.

To learn more about the success of students, share your story about why you believe in Godley ISD, or order your free We Believe Godley ISD! yard sign or t-shirt, visit