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Godley High School Wildcats Ladycats

Several Godley High School student athletes in track and field events are advancing to area competition after excelling at the District 10-4A meet on April 10 and 12, 2023, at Waxahachie Life High School’s Mustang Stadium.

Area qualifiers for the Wildcats are Alex Duran (discus), Ryan Gambino (shot put) and Kaden Sundheim (discus and shot put).

For the Ladycats, individuals qualifying are Veronica Duran (100-meter hurdles and 300-meter hurdles) Stephanie Favela (1600-meter run and 3200-meter run), Kassidi Ferguson (1600-meter run), Sadey Hughey (1600-meter run and 3200-meter run), Logan Reed (high jump) and Riley Tanley (discus). The 800-meter relay team of Nola Briscoe, Bree Hubbard, Logan Reed and Madison Stayer is also advancing.

Varsity boys placing were:

  • 400-Meter Dash:  Preston Maxwell, 6th

  • 800-Meter Run:  Ethan Rosser, 11th

  • Discus:  Kaden Sundheim, 2nd (area qualifier); Alex Duran, 3rd (area qualifier)

  • Long Jump:  Preston Maxwell, 12th

  • Shot Put:  Kaden Sundheim, 1st (area qualifier); Ryan Gambino, 3rd (area qualifier); Brennan Wilson, 6th

Varsity girls placing were:

  • 800-Meter Run:  Makenzie Hills, 5th; Sophia Hodges, 6th

  • 1600-Meter Run:  Stephanie Favela, 2nd (area qualifier); Sadey Hughey, 3rd (area qualifier); Kassidi Ferguson, 4th (area qualifier)

  • 3200-Meter Run:  Stephanie Favela, 1st (area qualifier); Sadey Hughey, 3rd (area qualifier); Kassidi Ferguson, 7th

  • 100-Meter Hurdles:  Veronica Duran, 2nd (area qualifier)

  • 300-Meter Hurdles:  Veronica Duran, 1st (area qualifier)

  • 4x100-Meter Relay:  Logan Reed, Bree Hubbard, Bella Van Wart and Peyton Bower, 6th

  • 4x200-Meter Relay:  Logan Reed, Bree Hubbard, Nola Briscoe and Madison Stayer, 4th (area qualifier)

  • Discus:  Riley Tanley, 3rd (area qualifier); Halle Gross, 6th; Brooklyn Fancher, 15th

  • High Jump:  Logan Reed, 1st (area qualifier)

  • Long Jump:  Peyton Bower, 9th

  • Pole Vault:  Zoie Switzer, 5th

  • Shot Put:  Bree Hubbard, 7th; Riley Tanley, 9th; Halle Gross, 10th

Junior varsity results for the Wildcats were:

  • 100-Meter Dash:  Cristian Escobedo, 1st; Shawn Kazouh, 4th

  • 200-Meter Dash:  Cristian Escobedo, 2nd; Auston Ferrer, 3rd

  • 400-Meter Dash:  Tanner Bruton, 4th

  • 800-Meter Run:  Constantino Trejo Maldonado, 2nd; Bradey Thomas, 6th; Ashton Sexton, 10th

  • 1600-Meter Run:  Constantino Trejo Maldonado, 2nd; Bryce Cheek, 7th

  • 3200-Meter Run:  Constantino Trejo Maldonado, 3rd

  • 110-Meter Hurdles:  Peyton Pannell, 1st; Gavin Vasquez, 2nd; Nash Pannell, 3rd

  • 300-Meter Hurdles:  Gavin Vasquez, 2nd; Nash Pannell, 4th; Peyton Pannell, 6th

  • 4x100-Meter Relay:  Caleb Vandygrift, Shawn Kazouh, Tanner Bruton and Cristian Escobedo, 2nd

  • 4x200-Meter Relay:  Auston Ferrer, Jaxon Daily, Alberto Diaz and Peyton Pannell, 5th

  • 4x400-Meter Relay:  Tanner Bruton, Bradey Thomas, Gavin Vasquez and Shawn Kazouh, 4th

  • Discus:  Keegan Bohannon, 3rd; Alberto Diaz, 7th; Caleb Vandygrift, 11th

  • Long Jump:  Tanner Bruton, 1st; Peyton Pannell, 7th; Shawn Kazouh, 8th

  • Shot Put:  Alberto Diaz, 1st; Keegan Bohannon, 3rd; Caleb Vandygrift, 6th

  • Triple Jump:  Tanner Bruton, 4th; Jaxon Daily, 5th

Junior varsity results for the Ladycats were:

  • 100-Meter Dash:  Gabriella Thompson, 4th; Audrey Bower, 8th

  • 400-Meter Run:  Gabriella Thompson, 4th; Ryleigh Dollins, 6th

  • 800-Meter Run:  Makayla Jetton, 1st; Jordyn Geesaman, 3rd; Julyssa Ortiz, 6th

  • 1600-Meter Run:  Paola Diaz, 1st; Jimena Minero, 2nd; Jordyn Geesaman, 3rd

  • 3200-Meter Run:  Makayla Jetton, 1st; Paola Diaz, 3rd; Jimena Minero, 4th

  • 4x400-Meter Relay:  Allison Flores, Gabriella Thompson, Makayla Jetton and Ryleigh Dollins, 4th

  • High Jump:  Kyla Williams, 1st

  • Long Jump:  Ryleigh Dollins, 2nd

Area competition for advancing varsity athletes will be Apr. 19 at Kennedale High School. Following that, the Region II-4A meet is set for Apr. 28-29 at Texas A&M University-Commerce.

District 10-4A also includes Alvarado, Ferris, Hillsboro, Kennedale, Venus and Waxahachie Life.

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