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The Godley ISD Long Range Facility Planning Committee developed a proposal for the school board at its fourth session on November 15, 2023, at Pleasant View Elementary School.

With 70% consensus required from the group, committee members selected the following projects for a proposal currently totaling around $325 million:

  • a fourth elementary school

  • renovations at Legacy and R.B. Godley Elementary Schools 

  • roof and HVAC replacements for Godley 6th Grade Campus

  • additions and renovations for Godley Middle School

  • special education classrooms, auditorium and paved stadium parking lot at Godley High School

  • addition for agricultural project center as well as locker rooms for both ag and tennis students

  • district-wide technology upgrades as well as safety and security improvements

  • new transportation facility plus new school buses

“We appreciate the time and effort of all our committee members in determining the best option for Godley ISD,” commented Superintendent Dr. Rich Dear.  “The school board has the final say, but the current recommendation represents a solid plan based on the moderate-growth scenario outlined by our demographers.  Members reflected on last year’s bond initiative and selected important projects that address immediate needs while also costing significantly less than the last plan that voters considered too high.”

Trustees and the administration will continue reviewing the proposal based on facility cost, demographic and financial information submitted to the district and committee.  The committee could meet once more if necessary.

Committee representatives will present the recommendations to the school board next month.  Trustees will review the proposal and take any action in January.

At the first session on Oct. 4, the committee received updates on projects from the May 2021 bond, reviewed projects postponed from the 2021 bond initiative due to an inflationary economy leading to higher costs and heard an updated demographics report.  The group also reflected on the unsuccessful May 2023 bond election with smaller groups discussing and reporting out on the best plan to move forward.

For the second session on Oct. 25, Hilltop Securities managing director Jeff Robert reviewed the school district’s financial position and the general structure of bonds to pay for new buildings and capital projects.  Robert also explained the interest and sinking tax rate, which is used only to pay down debt as well as interest payments and is separate from the maintenance and operations tax rate that goes towards salaries, utilities and other general operating expenses. The group also reviewed current and future campus capacities as well as projects that could be included in a potential bond.

At the third session on Nov. 1. The group continued its work prioritizing projects for a recommendation to school board trustees, who will make a final determination on any potential bond election.  With the large committee broken out into smaller groups, each focused on immediate needs for the next five years based on a moderate-growth scenario previously presented by demographers.

The advisory committee held meetings this fall to develop a recommendation for the school board. The group considered how growth in Godley and the surrounding area will create needs for current campuses and needs for future facilities and infrastructure.

With over 50 members, the committee convened for meetings in a safe, supportive and orderly environment so that members, regardless of their background, felt comfortable actively participating in order to provide open and constructive input. 

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