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Godley High School’s Wildcat Dramatics thrilled audiences with the fall play “The Witch’s Princess” on December 15-16, 2023, on the Pleasant View Elementary School stage.

The play was written by Don Zolidis, who visited with the Godley students while attending the Texas Thespian Festival last month. 

According to licensing partners, “The queen is dead. The kingdom is cursed. And the only way to lift the curse is to slay the witch. When Princess Alessandra’s father the king offers her hand in marriage to the knight who can slay the evil bog witch and lift the curse, there’s only one thing for the princess to do: Sneak out of the castle and kill the witch herself to avoid marriage. But she’s not dumb and she’s not going alone, because she’s first assembling a crack crew of the deadliest monsters in myth and legend to help. But she discovers the monsters aren’t what they seem, and neither is the witch, or the curse, or the kingdom. A rollicking and wild quest of magic and adventure.”

The cast included Isabella Antonetty, Landon Brady, Chloe Brown, Chloe Coggin, Ryder Hardin, Sage Klint, Noah Knepper, Destani Sanders and Isaac Tello.

The stage play was under the direction of GHS theater teacher Christine DuBose.

Jessi Merritt was in charge of music, while Ember Jordan supervised lights.

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