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Godley High School student Natalie Andrei is learning real-world work experience through a career preparation internship at a local grocery store.

While attending classes all week, Natalie has worked at Spring Market for almost two years through the internship organized as part of the school district’s career and technical education program.  

“Natlie is an outstanding service specialist because her employer depends on her to be first to arrive at every shift. That means she gets to work before 7 a.m. on Saturday mornings when most students are still sleeping,” said GHS teacher Jane Cook, who oversees graphic design, commercial photography and career prep classes.  “Natalie willingly volunteers to work extra when others have a problem getting to work.”

Business internships are available through the GHS career preparation program, which provides opportunities for students to participate in a learning experience that combines classroom instruction with paid business and industry employment experiences and supports strong partnerships among school, business and community stakeholders.  The practicum is designed to give students supervised practical application of previously studied knowledge and skills. Practicum experiences occur in a paid or unpaid arrangement and in a variety of instructional settings.

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