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A large donation from HistoryMaker Homes is enhancing veterinary medicine classes at Godley High School.

HistoryMaker Homes, which is developing the Goldey Ranch community, made the $2,500 donation as a part of its Season of Giving.  The district accepted the donation in January 2023 with a report to school board trustees.

Students will make great use of the Canine Vet Trainer, according to Nikki Nix, career and technical education director for Godley ISD.  “Students will explore the veterinary medicine career field and learn how to work with animals,” Nix said.  

According to a product description, the realistic Canine Vet Trainer provides consistent, hands-on practice of caring for a dog. The trainer is about the size of a mid-sized male Labrador Retriever so that students can practice venipuncture, catheterization and bladder palpation as well as subcutaneous and intramuscular injections and lymph node palpation.

A part of the animal science program of study, the veterinary medical application course covers topics relating to veterinary practices for large and small animal species. CTE learners apply biology and life science to real-world life processes of animals and wildlife, either in laboratories or in the field including a veterinary office, a farm or ranch or any outdoor area harboring animal life. Students may also research and analyze the growth and destruction of species and research or diagnose diseases and injuries of animals.

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