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Student Name

Year Graduated

Branch of Service

Date Honored

Abbott, Loyd (Dub)1934 ?Army 
Alfrey, Herb1963Army National Guard 
Applegate, David1977Navy 
Asberry, Andy1963Army 
Asberry, Andy1963Army 
Barker, Michael2001Army 
Barritt, Kraig2003Air Force 
Basket, Dwight1967Marines 
Berry, Brandon2007Navy 
Bowen, Richard1962Army 
Bridges, Dick1950Air Force 
Bridges, Johnny1964Air Force10/10/2014
Brock, George Adam Jr1941Air Force, Army 
Brock, Marion Frances1943Air Force 
Buckner, Bill M1944Army 
Buckner, Glen (Red)1934 ?Army 
Burnham, Earnistien?Navy 
Burns, Bill1956Navy 
Carrell, Roy1961Tx National Guard10/25/2013
Cartwright, Jan1956Marine Corp 
Cheek, Cody2006Army 
Click, O. J.1950 ?Marines 
Coburn, Brandon2008Army 
Cook, Robert2011Marines 
Crook, Frank1947Air force8/28/2015
Crook, Jimmy (& Delores)1944Merchant Marines & Army8/28/2015
Cutshall, Heather2006Army 
Darden, Johnny C.1954Marines 
Davenport, William2003Army 
Davidson, Don Davidson1955Army 
Davis, Donald2008Army 
Davis, Everett1956Navy 
Davis, George1956Navy 
Davis, John1989Army 
Dickinson, Joseph H.1905 - BruceArmy 
Dugan, Jeremy2010Air Force 
Dunson, Noble1937Colonel 
Elrod, Richard1964Army 
Fisher, Danny1991Army 
Floyd, David1977Air Force 
Ganong, Anthony1981Army 
Guthrie, Mike1958Army (airborne)9/11/2015
Hanna, Larry1951? 
Hanna, Ronnie1956Navy 
Hardcastle, Sam1947Air Force8/30/2013
Hart, Wes2001Army 
Head, Man Houston1958Don't know if military 
Henry, William2000Navy 
Hinkle, Milton1944? 
Holt, Amos1958? 
Holtsman, Elvin Paul (Sam)1955Air Force 
Holtsman, Raymond L1963Army National Guard 
Honea, Aubry1950Army9/25/2015
Honea, Cass W1958Army9/25/2015
Honea, Walter Dyane1955Army9/25/2015
Horton, Gary1965Air Force 
Hughes, Skip1934 ?Army 
Ingram, Larry1965Air Force 
Irwin, James1956Navy 
Ishmail, David2009Army 
Jernigan, Don?? 
Johnson, RV "Shorty"1940Air Force 
Kennimer, Greg2001Air Force 
Killion, Josh2009Air Force 
Killion, Weslie2010Army 
Kinney, Justin2010Army 
Landers, Sean2010Army 
MaGee, Max1966Army 
Markham, Jimmy1963Army 
Massey, Don1960 or 61Army National Guard 
Mathis, Jeremy2005Army Nat. Guard 
McFarlin, William2006Air Force 
McGehee, J. A.Honorary (GISD supt. 1959-1982)Navy1/7/2014
McLaughlin, Carl1951Army12/20/2013
McLaughlin, Cecil1953Army 
Mitchell, Vaughan1963Army National Guard 
Morrison, Buddy1968Marines 
O'Neal, Adam2003Army 
Patmon, Sam H.1958Marine Corps 
Perry, Wayne Perry1955Navy 
Poeggel, Garrett2009Army 
Powell, Herman1953Army 
Raifsnider, Benjamin H.1975Air Force 
Rawdon, Dwaine1963Army National Guard 
Reeves, John1966Marines 
Reynolds, Charles1948Army10/11/2013
Richardson, Jerry W.1965Marine Corps10/16/2015
Richardson, Joe?? 
Roberson, Ancil (Dale)1958? 
Roberts, Ted1987Army 
Robinson, Daniel?? 
Rodriquez, Robert2009Navy 
Ruzicka, Stephen1990Army 
Sammons, Justin2007Army 
Savage, Bob1951Army 
Seiber, Bill1966Marines9/13/2013
Sheffield, Charles1963Army 
Shefield, James Bart1963Army 
Simms, Earl1934 ?Army 
Simms, John1956Army 
Sims, Don1967Army 
Sims, Gary1966Air Force 
Smith, Shirley1941Army 
Smith, Tomie A.DNG from GodleyArmy 
Spaulding, Anthony2010Army 
Spurgeon, Calvin2009Army 
Steed, Blake2009Navy 
Steward, Cody1990USMC 
Steward, Jody1988Navy 
Stewart, Justin2007Army 
Tunnell, Johnathan2012Air Force 
Turner, Dion W.1957Air Force 
Turner, Russel?? 
Underwood, Jackey2003Army 
Waataja, Tara1991Air Force 
Wakeland, James O1956Air Force 
Walker, Rodney1986Air Force 
Wallis, Monroe1955Air Force 
Weathers, Derek2006Army 
West, Robert (Bob)1948? 
White, Noah1968Army 
Whitten, Sam2009Air Force 
Williams, RodneyHonoraryAir Force 
Willis, Fred1948Air Force9/27/2013
Wroblewski, Lori2004  

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