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Chromebook Program

Godley ISD Chromebook Program

The Godley ISD Chromebook Program is an evolving solution designed to address Goal 3 of the district’s Strategic Design: Digital Tools. The goal states that “GISD will empower students with the digital tools necessary to lead in tomorrow’s world.” Chromebooks are not the sole solution to our strategic plan; however, they do provide the tools necessary for students to research and collaborate within the classroom.

Starting in the Fall of 2016, our secondary schools will have a true on-site, one to one deployment for student devices. Every Middle School and High School student will be assigned a specific device for use while on premise. The use of these devices are detailed in The Chromebook Policy Handbook, and like all other digital tools, they fall within the district’s Responsible Use Policy.

In the Intermediate School, chromebooks are provided in classroom carts that are either dedicated to specific rooms or shared between teaching teams. Every student will have access to digital tools; but they will not be assigned an individual device like in the secondary schools. The Elementary school also has a modest distribution of chromebooks, with the emphasis in the younger grades being placed upon a variety of other digital tools specific to the age groups.

The district chose chromebooks mostly because of the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) platform that supports the devices. GAFE allows our students to create, share, and edit files on any device, with no ads and complete data privacy. GAFE continues to meet the needs of a changing digital landscape in education with new services like Classroom, an online space where instructors can create classes, distribute assignments, send feedback all in one place.

Our student’s digital environment is further enhanced with a variety of third-party tools and filters dedicated to streamlining and securing their education experience. These utilities, coupled with our Digital Citizenship training program, aim to create a safe, nurturing environment  with all the tools and resources our students need to succeed.

The Chromebook Program will continue to develop in the years ahead. New tools and a firm commitment by our district to provide students, Pre-K through Seniors, with those tools, will ensure that our students are empowered to lead in tomorrow’s world.