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Godley Independent School District - Empowering Students

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Godley ISD’s technology department serves the needs of approximately 2,000 students and staff members throughout the district and on the JCSSA campus. The department continues to play a key role in helping to define the district’s 21st century learning initiative while simultaneously supporting and servicing the district’s existing infrastructure.

All of our campuses are connected by a high speed fiber backbone that allows for the district to implement a variety of networked services in each school; including a robust wireless network that we continue to strengthen and expand in an effort to grow our paperless initiative and 21st century learning environment.  We strive to remain open to all types of emerging technologies, giving our teachers the tools necessary to better adapt our students to an ever-changing classroom. But perhaps our most valuable asset in the department isn’t the hardware we implement in those classrooms; but instead the training and support offered by our district’s instructional technologists for our teachers.

As we move forward our department will continue to develop a safe, secure and effective learning environment for our students and staff.  It is our goal to ensure that we remain both innovative and reliable as we continue to provide our teachers with the tools necessary to create lifelong learners.