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Guardian Program

Godley ISD is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for our students, teachers, and staff. This commitment is reflected in our continuous evaluation of resources, programs, policies, and processes and the many best-practice safety and security initiatives in place across the district.

Following approval from the Board of Trustees, Godley ISD implemented the Guardian Program beginning August 3, 2021.

Under Texas Penal Code Section 46.03, the Guardian Program grants a school district the authority to authorize certain District employees to carry concealed weapons on school grounds. As a last line of defense, this program adds to the safety and security infrastructure, training, and resource enhancements that have been taking place across the District over the past several years. Visibly, you will notice the addition of signage around our school buildings indicating that personnel on campus may be armed. There will be no additional impacts from this implementation on our students, staff, or the day-to-day school routine.

The adoption and implementation of the Guardian program was recommended to the Board by the School Safety Committee, which is made up of community and staff members. The Board of Trustees’ decision to approve the implementation of the program resulted from years of research and investigation. Godley ISD joins more than 300 school districts across Texas that are currently a part of the Guardian Program.

Some important information about the Guardian Program is available below:

  • Guardian Program participation is strictly voluntary - no employee is required to participate, and the District may revoke an employee’s participation at any time.
  • Employees who are currently licensed to carry a weapon in the State of Texas are eligible to volunteer and apply to be considered for the program.
  • The selection process requires a criminal background screening, as well as physical and psychological evaluations utilizing the same process and standards that law enforcement adheres to.
  • Approved applicants for the Guardian Program will be required to complete a rigorous 80-hour training program. Applicants are also required to complete annual training.
  • An authorized District employee or official may take such action that is necessary, in his or her judgment and discretion, to prevent or abate the commission of an offense that threatens serious bodily injury and/or death to a student, District personnel, or a visitor.
  • The identity of approved guardians will remain confidential as it is a requirement of the program.

It is important to note, once again, that in the interest of District security and maintaining the integrity of the program, the District will not be releasing the identity or numbers of District employees selected as Guardian program participants.