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Temporary Disability

Human Resources Contact

Jenny Sarmiento

Titles: Human Resources Staff & Substitute Contact
Locations: Administration
Phone Numbers:
School: (817) 592-4214

Each full-time educator shall be given a leave of absence for temporary disability at any time the educator's condition interferes with the performance of regular duties. The contract or employment of the educator may not be terminated while the educator is on a leave of absence for temporary disability. For purposes of temporary disability leave, pregnancy is considered a temporary disability.

An employee's entitlement to sick leave is unaffected by any concurrent eligibility for a leave of absence for temporary disability. The two types of leave are different, and each must be granted by its own terms.

District Policy

DEC (Legal and Local) - Compensation and Benefits: Leave and Absences

Temporary Disability Forms

Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member's Serious Health Condition

Temporary Disability Leave 101 & Checklist

Temporary Disability Leave Request Form