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Effective September 1, 2018, Godley ISD will implement a new procedure regarding the commercial use of the Godley ISD trademark. Because the district wishes to honor and protect the words and symbols that have come to stand for the District and its schools, the District registered Texas trademarks in the Marks with the Texas Secretary of State. These registered trademarks may only be used with the permission of the District.

Each business or individual that wishes to use District Mark is in advertisements or promotions must register with the District by filling out and signing an application and paying an application fee. In signing the application, you agree that your business will only use the District’s Marks in ways that do not harm the District or misrepresent District sponsorship or approval of your business.
If you produce or have produced any new goods, advertisements, or promotions from September 1, 2018, forward, you must have signed an application and agreement to adhere to the new District policy regarding the use of the Marks, and you may only use the new Marks with the appropriate TM symbol.   If you would like to apply for G-Claw trademark use, please complete the forms below and return them to the address listed, along with your application fee. Once both have been received, the official G-Claw trademark file will be emailed to you. Please contact our Director of Communications with any questions regarding the G-Claw you may have.   Send Applications and Application Fees to (checks payable to Godley ISD):   Godley ISD c/o Jeff Meador, Chief Communications Officer 313 N. Pearson Godley, TX 76044

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Application to Use District Trademark