LINKS Academy

The LINKS Academy was created to serve two purposes for the students of Godley ISD.  The accelerated side of the LINKS Academy is designed for students who are at risk for not graduating high school or maybe significantly behind their peers in achieving academic success, and may not complete their education. The staff works to design individualized instruction and improve the attendance of every student. Teachers make contact with parents and guardians each day a student is absent from school and try to encourage prompt and consistent class attendance. Individualized goals are set with students to help them attain a high school diploma, or fill in gaps of instruction to get students caught up with their peers. Unless other arrangements have been made, a minimum of two credits PER SEMESTER and a 90% attendance rate will be required to maintain a place at the LINKS Academy.


Students must make an application and go through an interview process to gain admission to the LINKS Academy. During the interview, the staff explains the guidelines of the school to determine the best fit for the student. Parents and guardians are involved in the interview process so that the entire family understands the importance of supporting their students and what the requirements are to be successful in this non-traditional setting.

Students at the LINKS Academy must attend class at least five periods each day and those 16 years or older are encouraged to obtain a job to learn professional skills in the workplace setting or attend Hill College in the afternoons. The staff at the LINKS Academy believes that through  Leadership, Innovation, Nurturing, Knowledge, and Success all students are able to become responsible citizens in the community.

The second purpose for the LINKS Academy is to serve as the Godley ISD’s Disciplinary Alternative Educational Placement center which is for students that have been removed for disciplinary purposes from their regular instructional setting.


Procedures and Guidelines (Grades 3-12) Students will follow the guidelines outlined in their home campus handbook and the Student Code of Conduct; students placed in DAEP will have additional responsibilities.


Godley I.S.D. will provide all educational services necessary in order to aid DAEP students in meeting their individual graduation plan. DAEP services may be delivered differently from the student’s home campus.


The home-campus ARD committee will determine special education services and will provide the services necessary to support the IEP.


A parent/student conference with the DAEP school administrator is required to enter the DAEP program.


Length of Placement Minimum placement—10 school days Maximum placement—to be determined by home campus administration in accordance with DAEP guidelines, and will be reviewed at least every 120 days.


Instructional Services: Students will remain enrolled with their home campus for reporting and accountability purposes. All DAEP students will have assignments sent by the home campus teachers to the DAEP once a week.

409 Bruce rd. Godley, TX 76044
Principal: Michelle Sveum