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Godley ISD currently operates 19 bus routes that transport between 675 and 810 students to and from school daily.  Our route buses travel a total of approximately 715 miles each school day and approximately 120,800 miles each school year covering portions of Johnson, Hood, and Tarrant counties.  The Transportation department also provides transportation to all extra-curricular field trips including all sporting events, UIL events, grade level field trips and all other student transportation.  Our Field Trips buses/vehicles travel approximately 73,000 miles per year and there are approximately 553 field trips each year.  GISD provides District vehicles for Administrative and Staff Development as well.

Bus Rider Safety Handbook

Parent’s/Guardians please go over the “Bus Rider Safety Handbook” with your student(s) so you are familiar with the rules.  Remind your students to never chase a bus and always have a plan in the event the bus is missed.  Have a backup plan so the student knows what to do if their parent/guardian isn’t home when they arrive.  Last but not least, send water with your student.  Route buses are not air-conditioned and it’s hot in Texas!

Guidelines and Policies For Requesting & Using District Vehicles

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