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Attendance Zones

Thanks to the generosity of our community and stakeholders for voting to pass our 2021 Bond, construction on our new elementary campus is currently underway. As presented in the bond, to adapt to our growth, the current Elementary and GIS 2-4 campuses will be renovated to accommodate through 5th grade. This will result in Godley ISD having three elementary schools and a 6th grade campus. With the addition and realignment of these campuses comes the need for new attendance zones. A copy of the proposed elementary school attendance zone plan can be found below for review. This plan only impacts students who will be in grades Pre-K through fifth grade beginning in the fall 2022; Godley High School and Godley Middle School students are not impacted. Please note that the campuses listed on the zone map are as follows:

  • R.B. Godley Elementary (current Godley Elementary)
  • Legacy Elementary (current Godley Intermediate 2-4)
  • Pleasant View Elementary (new Godley Elementary #3)

Once official names for each campus are finalized, the map description will be updated accordingly. These three elementary schools are expected to reach capacity by 2025.

Questions and feedback on the proposed zones may be submitted here:

Responses submitted through the form will be shared with the board, and district leadership will work to update our Attendance Zone FAQ (see below) as quickly as possible. 


Additionally, an information session will be held Thursday, March 10, at 6:00p.m. in the Godley High School CLI. During this presentation, the district leadership team will provide information about the proposed draft. Public comment and/or questions will not be included in the informational meeting, but administrators will remain after the meeting to speak with attendees who have individual questions regarding the proposed attendance zones.


We understand that our families have many questions regarding the transition of our elementary campuses. We will continue to update our parents with any new available information as decisions are made regarding specific logistics.




Please use the zoom buttons (+,-) to take a closer look at the map below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Proactively preparing for Godley ISD’s increasing growth requires a blueprint of its own. It requires both long and short-term planning and balanced responsible management of time, money and resources. The District is partnered with an experienced outside demographer consulting group to monitor growth in neighborhoods, new construction and population trends. The demographer analyzed current and future growth trends and presented GISD with a recommendation for elementary attendance zones. The district worked closely with this demographer who made recommendations based on their experience in this area making modifications to arrive at our current model.
Four factors were prioritized to create our attendance zone boundaries. 
  1. Optimize facility space 
  2. Growth trends 
  3. Follow natural boundaries as much as possible 
  4. Neighborhood unity
Other factors included following contiguous boundaries, transportation factors, family impact, and future feeder pattern alignment.
Godley ISD seeks to educate students in schools as close to their homes as possible. However, in order to effectively and efficiently utilize space, more than one school can become a consideration for a neighborhood/area based on its location. This is particularly the case in areas where GISD has schools in close proximity to one another. This means that during the boundary modification process, neighborhoods may be moved to existing schools or to campuses that are not the closest in proximity.

Godley ISD is still working on the intra-district transfer protocol. When it has been finalized, we will notify our parents and community and update boundary information appropriately.

Our current demography study projects that all three elementary schools will be at capacity by 2025.
Yes. We are still refining bus routes for the upcoming school year. Once those plans are completed, parents will be notified.
Due to building accommodations required for Pre-K classrooms, only the current Godley Elementary and Godley Elementary #3 campuses will offer Pre-K. Godley Elementary #2 will only house Kindergarten through 5th grades. Campus location for Pre-K students zoned for Godley #2 will be based on enrollment and capacity after the initial Pre-K/Kinder "Round Up" this spring. This allows us to have a better knowledge of space for the two campuses, while also following as closely as possible to these currents boundary lines. Parents will be notified on which campus their child will attend as soon as these decisions are made.
Special program locations will be based off of space available and appropriate accommodations at the various campuses. Once we have a a more detailed idea of what that will look like at each campus, the District will make the appropriate placements. Parents will be notified as soon as those are finalized. 
Additional FAQ's will be added as needed.