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GHS to host WiFi Hotspot Informational Meeting

One of the goals of Godley ISD is to ensure that all students have equal access to technology. Godley High School has received the Technology Lending Grant for the 2018-19 school year. The grant is designed to help school districts ensure that all their students have access to digital content and tools at home to improve the homework gap. With this grant, we have purchased Chromebooks and wireless hotspots. Students without internet access at home will be allowed to check out these hotspots. The hotspots are filtered and CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) compliant. We will be holding an informational meeting at Godley High School, Tuesday, December 18 at 5:30. Any parent or student interested in learning how the devices work as well as check out guidelines and best practices for taking care of them are invited to attend.
When and where?
Godley High School, Tuesday, December 18 at 5:30