Intermediate School Band

Football parking and stadium information

Parking dfiagram

Home Fan Parking & Entrance (WEST LOT)

Home parking is located on the west side of the stadium. Home fans will enter the stadium through the west home gate that is marked with a yellow arrow.

Overflow parking is permitted on the grass or you may choose to park on the east side of the stadium and enter through the visitor’s gate.  

(Please be advised that there is NOT a public access gate located at the south end of the stadium.  If you park behind the new high school, you will have to walk around to the visitor’s gate to gain access.)

Visitor Fan Parking & Entrance (EAST LOT)

Visitor parking is located on the east side of the stadium.  To access the visitor gate, follow the sidewalk between the tennis court and gym that is marked with a yellow arrow on the map.

Visitor Handicap Parking

There is limited handicapped accessible parking available directly behind the visitor bleachers.  Utilize the driveway that is directly behind the visitor bleachers from HWY 171. A gate attendant will allow you to enter and park in this area with the appropriate credentials.  

Visiting Football Team

The visiting team locker room is located at the southern end of the home parking lot.  Team buses and vehicles can be parked in the gravel lot that is located next to the locker room.

Visiting Band Equipment Trucks

The visiting band equipment truck can park and unload in the service area next to the dumpsters.  This area can be accessed by taking the circular driveway behind the new high school and next to the baseball outfield fence.  Follow the sidewalk marked by an orange arrow to access the stadium.

Visiting Band Buses

The visiting band buses can drop students off behind the high school using the circular driveway.  After dropping off, the buses can be parked end-to-end along the parking spots indicated by the long rectangular box on the map or behind the middle school.

Visitor Air Horn

The visiting team’s air horn will need to be placed in the grassy area that is north of the visitor’s bleachers on the 171 side of the field.  The gate attendant can assist with the opening of the gate to access this area by truck if needed. Utilize the driveway that is directly behind the visitor bleachers from HWY 171.

Visitor Inflatable

The visiting team’s inflatable will be placed at the corner of the end-zone on the visitor's sideline.  An in-ground outlet is available in the corner of the end zone.

Visitor Restrooms & Concession

Visitors are welcome to use the restrooms that are located inside the new high school near the plaza.  Concessions are available on the home side and can be accessed by utilizing the path through the plaza on the southern end of the stadium.