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MS Career class students "hired" after job interviews

Our Career Portals class 8th-grade students participate in "career interviews" each semester. They create resumes, cover letters, and complete application forms and scholarship applications. They then use their materials to participate in real-world job interviews conducted by local professionals. The students also get to pick their dream job to interview for!

Five of the students who are chosen to have had the best interview are given a "you are hired" certificate and a $50 Amazon gift card to celebrate their hard work! Out of the 110 students who interviewed this semester, here are your top 5 and the job they chose to interview for:

Austin Steward- Game Warden
Jackson Harry- Video Game Designer
Logan Reed- Anesthesiologist
Riley Tanley- Crime Scene Investigator
Kaelyn Godfrey- Athletic Trainer

We know these students have bright futures ahead of them!