October Middle School Students & Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to our October Teacher & Student(s) of the Month! 

All of the winners receive a certificate from Palio‚Äôs Pizza and Sonic! We want to express a huge thank you to Palio's Pizza and Sonic for their continued support of our students and teachers at Godley Middle School and GISD!

Students nominate a teacher who has shown:

  • Excellence in the classroom - engaging lessons that advance higher levels of academic achievement
  • Motivation - motivates and encourages students both academically and socially
  • Leadership - serves as a positive role model throughout the school

Teachers nominate a student who has:

  • Made significant progress in the classroom
  • Exhibited leadership
  • Showed notable consideration for others
  • Participated in community service/involvement
  • Showed personal development
  • Shown outstanding attitude
Here are some of the quotes that were given about each of the winners:
Miguel Moreno - "He always has a smile on his face, he works well with his peers and is always willing to help them out. Miguel works great in groups and works very hard on his assignments."
Veronica Duran - "Veronica shows great leadership and drive. He is a leader in the classroom and in athletics.  She does not give in to peer pressure and is a very hard worker. She is just a lot of fun to be around."
Mrs. Armstrong - "She always puts a smile on her students' faces.  Mrs. Armstrong is always doing fun, exciting labs and assignments.  She makes learning fun and is a positive role model for her students."
We are so proud of our winners and lucky to have them as GMS Wildcats!