Godley ISD Public Information Meetings

Godley ISD will host our annual Title I Public Meeting on Tuesday,
September 17, 2019.  The purpose of the Title I meeting is to provide
information to parents of participating children about the Title I
program and their right to be involved in their child’s education.
Following the Title I meeting, there will be an education program for
parents/guardians of students with dyslexia and related disorders.
This program will include awareness of characteristics of dyslexia and
related disorders, information on testing and diagnosis of dyslexia,
information on effective strategies for teaching dyslexic students,
and awareness of information on modification, especially modifications
allowed on standardized testing.  Finally, we will be soliciting
community input for our 2019-2020 Targeted Improvement Plans at the
elementary, intermediate, and LINKS campuses.

There will be two options to attend:

9:00 am at the Intermediate 2-4 Campus Cafeteria
6:00 pm at the Middle School Commons

We will have a translator available at both meetings for our Spanish
speaking families.