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eSchoolMall e-procurement solution

  • As of July 1, 2010 the Godley Independent School District has implemented an electronic - vendor notification and sourcing solution that will completely streamline the procurement operation of our organization and reduce costs for District. The Solution provider that we have selected to achieve this is eSchoolMall – one of the largest providers of e-procurement solutions in the country.

    You are advised that all bid notifications will be submitted via email. Please note that all vendors will have to complete the easy online registration process and pay an annual registration fee of $95.00.  This fee may be waived if you wish to only be notified of bids from Godley ISD ONLY.  The $95.00 fee allows you to receive bids from all of eSchoolMall’s customers.

    The annual fee, which can be paid online with a credit card, will enable you to:

    • Gain exposure to a large list of other Clients that use eSchoolMall across the country
    • Respond to Bids/Quotes and RFPs electronically which will minimize printing and postage costs
    • Receive customer support
    • Benefit from the new-upcoming enhancements

     In order to receive these email notifications and ensure participation, you must follow the three specific steps listed below:

    1. Register: To register, please go to the home page of eSchoolMall and click on the “Register” button
    2. Classify: The registration process will allow you to select the category description of the products and services that you provide.  Doing so will improve our ability to include you in any opportunity that fits your profile.
    3. Respond: When you see an opportunity communicated to you through email, we hope that you will respond and offer us your valuable products and services.

    Questions may be directed to Jessica Saunders at (817) 592-4161 or eSchoolmall at (215) 444-9300.