Varsity Football Games Update - August 31, 2022

  • We first off want to say thank you for showing up and supporting our Wildcats!!!  The community supporting our students makes Godley a great place.  With the current construction, we are constantly reviewing our procedures to ensure the best event possible.  After reflecting on the game last week, we are making a few changes to improve our Friday night.

    The first change we are making is to open the gates at 5:30 pm.  We are also going to rearrange the CLI so that the concession stand line and exit door are separated.  We will serve concession items from the Daily Grind Coffee bar.  You will see 2 lines that will divide and hopefully this will keep the concession stand line moving. 

    The next change we are making is we will open the softball field for children to go and play.  We will have adults over there to make sure the students do not take any food or drink on the turf.  However, even with the softball field open, the district is not taking responsibility for your child’s behavior in any way.  All parents are assuming any and all risk and responsibility for their children if they allow them to go to the softball field.  We cannot allow students to play tag or football behind the bleachers.  There are coaches on a scissor lift, emergency vehicles, and construction equipment that make that area an unsafe area for students to play.

    Finally, to help enter the stadium quicker, the link to buy online tickets is below.  We do not sell cash tickets at the door, we only sell online tickets.  Also, please do not park on any grass areas.  If the home parking lot is full, we ask you to park in the visitor parking lot.

    We thank you for coming out and supporting our Wildcats.  We hope these changes create an amazing environment for our community.

    Go Wildcats!!